Monday, August 22, 2011

To the finish: Presque Isle River

Monday - August 15, 2011

The next morning, we all got up going a little earlier than normal. We only had a little more than 2 miles to go. We were hoping that we would be able to be done early, so we could go into town for lunch. Everybody started packing as soon as we got up. It was our morning to do breakfast again. This time we went for a simpler breakfast of instant oatmeal. Since all we needed to do was boil water, it went fast and clean up was easy.

Finally all packed up, we set off for our last day of hiking. There was a lot more ups and downs on this
last morning, with steep gulleys we had to descend and climb our way out of. It was hard, but it kept your mind focused on each step you took. Unfortunately, we didn't make it through these ravines unscathed. Nicole slipped going down one and injured her wrist when she went to catch her fall. While she wasn't the first person to fall on the trip, she probably ended up the worst for it.

But soon, we came to our ending point, the Presque Isle River.

Darren and Mike left to pick up the second car, while the rest of us stayed to enjoy the river. I think this was my favorite area of the trip in terms of scenery. The Presque Isle River has waterfall after waterfall.

After spending a fair amount of time by the river, we went toward the parking lot to wait for Mike and Darren. We were taking our last steps of the trip.

And we were off the trail. In all, we did about 26 miles. We didn't push it too hard, but I'm glad since it gave us plenty of time to enjoy everything we saw and did along the way.

Oh, NOW you tell us.

If only Nicole had read the sign.

When Darren and Mike got back with the cars, we had one more group photo.

We loaded everything up into the cars and headed to Bessemer for lunch. We had Dairy Queen and it tasted great. After lunch, the two cars went separate ways. The other car went through Wisconsin while our car started the long trek across the U.P.

But our adventure didn't stop there. About a mile East of Sidnaw on Highway 28, we saw a column of smoke along side the highway. After passing by, I asked Jon if he thought we should stop and try to put it out. We turned around, poured out of the car, and proceeded to stamp out a surprisingly quick growing grass fire. I'm glad we stopped. With how fast the fire was spreading and with how much smoke there was, it could have turned into a real forest fire. We called the fire department and had to wait for a fire truck to arrive.

The rest of the drive home was a lot less exciting. At first, the plan was to stop somewhere in the middle and then finish the drive on Tuesday. But, we got done early enough that we decided to drive straight through. We ended up rolling into our driveway a little after midnight. Despite all the fun we had on our trip, it is always good to be home.

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