Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Getaway

After a long and stressful tax season, and months of working six days a week, Jamie and I decided it was about time for us to get away for nice and long weekend getaway (also an early anniversary getaway). We took off Thursday to drive up to Traverse City and stayed until Sunday. Now that Jamie is pregnant and is going to be quitting her job in a few weeks, we have to be a little bit more conscious about where we spend our money. That being said, we looked high and low to find an affordable room. After searching and searching, I found what looked to be a decent room at a great price. I was a little nervous though. The room was in the old Michigan State Asylum (you know, a place where they kept crazy people). My apprehensions were only worsened when we pulled up the drive to see this run down gated up building.

Hmmm. Strange sign to have at a place where you are renting a room to guests....

Jamie and I followed the directions we were given and arrived at the door to our room.

I think I need to have a talk with the better business bureau. This place looked no where like the pictures on the website.

Just kidding. So apparently, only half of the Michigan State Asylum has been renovated. The above pictures are from the portion that has yet to be renovated. The pictures below are from the side that HAS been renovated. A little bit nicer, I think.

And this is what our room ended up looking like. Suite 202 at the Grand Traverse Commons.

One of the main reasons I picked this room is because of the loft ( as seen in the above picture). It was kind of fun having to climb up a ladder at night, but it was also kind of annoying as well, particularly in the morning when you really needed to go to the bathroom. But overall, I was happy with the room.

If you like how the room looks and would like to rent it, you can follow the link here. The Grand Traverse Commons is located close to downtown and has many little shops and restaurants on the ground floor. As well, there were some nice walking trails close by as well. Despite our impending poverty, we probably spent more on this condo than we would on a typical hotel room. But we figured this will be our last weekend away with just the two of us for a while.

Most of the weekend was just spent relaxing and enjoying time together. We enjoyed eating out at some great restaurants such as the Red Mesa Grill and the North Peak Brewery. We spent most of Friday walking around downtown Traverse City and just having fun together. We played mini-golf on Saturday at Pirates Cove. Just a fun weekend spending time together.

We also took a few "belly shots" of Jamie. These were just a practice run. We'll try more later.

I always find that after a really nice weekend that I get a little depressed going back to work. If only everyday could be spent just having fun with Jamie.