Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the Shoreline

Sunday - August 14, 2011

Sleeping right next to the river was very peaceful. But, I think it had an influence in me having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Justin actually slept in his hammock that night. He said it was pretty comfortable.

We were treated to pancakes by Susan and Darren. Breakfast took a while since the pancakes could only be cooked two at a time. Once breakfast was over, we packed up camp and hit the trail again. If you haven't begun to notice, backpacking trips generally break down to hiking, eating, and sleeping, with other various things in between. Today we had to finish hiking along the Little Carp River back to Lake Superior and then parallel to the shore until our next camp site.

After a short little bit, we came upon Trader's Falls, where one member of our group decided to quick cool off in the water. He unfortunately had an encounter with some leaches. Let's just say, "Sometimes marriage isn't all rainbows and roses. It is sometimes picking leaches off your husbands but."

We hiked a bit more. After hiking up a very tall hill, we decided it was time to break for lunch.

Then guess what we did. Yep, that's right. We hiked some more through the woods.

We found the spot where we were going to spend our last night of the trip. There was two camp sites at this location. We found the first one, but there was already a tent on the site, so we went a little bit further to the second site. The site was small and lumpy, with stumps sticking up everywhere. Well, I guess our luck with amazing campsites had finally run out. We made do and set up camp. A few people had to put there tents on the path since the campsite itself was too small. After some of our group made a very long trek to an out house and had an adventure with indecent public displays of affection, we noticed that the tent on the other site was gone. Before anyone else could take it, we quickly moved all our stuff down the short path to the other site. This site was much nicer. It was huge with plenty of room for all of us. The site also had an amazing view, since it was right on a bluff above Lake Superior. I guess our luck held out.

At some point that afternoon, we made the treacherous journey down the bluff to go swimming in Lake Superior. We had a fun trying to turn drift wood into a make shift kayaks and then later trying to hit our drifting kayaks with rocks.

Justin, the trapper of our group, caught a crayfish.

Now clean and refreshed, we hiked back up the bluff to enjoy our dinner of macaroni and cheese with pepperoni. Don't knock it till you try it. With full stomachs, we sat on the edge of the bluff to watch the sunset.

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  1. Awesome, awesome photos. I like my title! You can call me Trapper. Yup, nice ring to it...