Saturday, December 15, 2012

75 Needed to Pass

A few weeks after you take a section of the CPA exam, you will receive a score release notification that reads something like this....

"You will receive separate score notices for each section of the examination you have taken. Each notice includes: examination identifying information (section name, section ID, and date); your score for teat examination section; and the result (Pass/Fail).

"Each notice also show credit status for the other examination sections you have taken... You will receive a separate notice for that section of the examination.

"The score represents your overall performance on the identified examination section. Scores are reported on a numeric scale of 0-99, with 75 as the passing score. This scale does NOT represent 'percent correct.' A score of 75 indicates examination performance reflecting a level of knowledge and skills that is sufficient for the protection of the public."

Well public, you can sleep easy. The Michigan Board of Accountancy has determined that I am no danger to you in regards to my auditing knowledge.

That's right, I have taken and passed (received a score of 75 or better) my third section of the CPA exam. This test section was Auditing. As usual, the test questions were very difficult. As I got further into the test, the test questions kept getting harder and harder. Now actually this was a good sign, since the CPA exam is a progressive test. Basically, if you do well on the first section, they will give you more difficult questions on the second section. I needed to keep reminding myself this, because by the end of the test, the questions were ridiculously difficult.

With this exam completed, I am 75 percent of the way through the entire testing process. I have completed and passed Financial Accounting and Reporting, Regulation, and Auditing. I only have one section left to complete: Business Environment and Concepts.

At this point, I am fairly confident in my study method for the exams. I am certain that I will be able to pass this last section if I put the same level of time and effort into studying for it as I did for the first three.

That being said, I am definitely losing motivation to study. After this last test, I took a week break. I didn't pick up the study material once. Let me tell you, it was glorious. So now, I am finding it harder and harder to come home after work and spend a couple hours going cross eyed reading about Keynesian Economic theory, marginal cost curves, and CVP charts.

Oh well, the end is in sight.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And the Winner is

ME !!

Every month, Eagle Nest Outfitters Inc. has a photo contest. As mentioned in another post, I love my ENO. I decided that I would enter the photo below into the contest.

And surprisingly, I won. You can see the announcement on ENO's blog here.

Better yet, as the winner, I was able to get $215 of ENO gear of my choosing. I decided to get a one-link sleep system (basically a hammock and tent combined).

So yeah, I'm pretty excited. I've never really won much in my life, especially not $215 worth of stuff. Big day for me, that's for sure.