Friday, July 8, 2011

Seeing through the Fog

I opened my eyes to find myself in a dense forest shrouded in mist. As I wandered through the trees, the fog hid the details of the world around me. Stumbling through what I could not see, I soon became lost. Suddenly, the trees opened up, the fog lifted, and everything came into focus.

Often times, the world around us can seem like that forest hidden in the mist. The cares and worries of the day can hide all that is amazing in this world. Days, weeks, months, even years can pass without us seeng what is really important. We often wander and stumble through life not knowing what we are aiming at. But if we stop and take a moment, the fog may lift and we can see something truly amazing. That is discovering the focal point.

I recently found myself in a forest, though it was not covered in fog. A friend and I were taking a short hike. On this hike, we talked a little about life and a lot about photography. I shared with him how I get frustrated about the fact that I go long periods of time without taking a photo. He asked what I do with the photos that I do take. I lamented that I often do very little with the photos that I take. They often just remain on my camera unedited and unused.

So, I am starting this blog as a medium through which to share my photos, consequently motivating me to take more. In upcoming posts, I will talk about photography as well as my life. I will share photos that I have taken and tips that I learn. I don't claim to be a great photographer or know everything about cameras. But, I hope that by doing this blog, I can learn to take better photos. Ultimately, I hope to become a better photographer so I can capture all the amazing views that I come across in this world. That is my focal point.


  1. Nice! Love the background pic. Where is it from?

  2. Thanks, it was taken at the blueberry fields by our old house.