Friday, September 14, 2012

Video Friday: DamNation Trailer

It's another Video Friday here at the Focal Point. This weeks video is a trailer for a movie that is being put out by Patagonia: DamNation. It looks pretty interesting.

 I'm not exactly sure what my stance on the whole subject is. I've always believed that hydro power was "clean" energy, since there is no air pollutants released by hydroelectic dams. However, as I've learned a little more, dams probably have some of the largest impacts on the environment in comparison to other electical generating facilities. From the the acres upon acres that are flooded, to the changing of water temperatures, to the siltation of the reservoirs, to the increased evaporation related to the reservoirs, to the blocking of fish migration, and destruction of habitat, to causing rivers to run dry before they reach their terminus, dams have a huge impact. Yet we need energy, and dams are a source of cheap energy. At the very least, I am in support of removing nonfunctional dams and trying to restore those rivers to their original state.

So what do you all think? Leave a comment after you see the trailer.

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