Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Update

In the last post, I mentioned that I was finding myself with long periods in the day with nothing to do. That wasn't because I was just slacking at work. It was because of jury duty. Let's rewind a bit. A month or two ago I got a letter telling me that I was selected for jury duty from the May 1st to the 15th. Unfortunately, I didn't feel that I had a good enough excuse to request out of it. So, time passed and of course I forgot about my civic duty. About 9:45 on May 1st I received a phone call from the court asking if I was going to show up. It was definitely on of those "OH CRUD" moments. So I rushed down to the court house, only about 2-3 hours late. By that time, they had already selected a jury for the trial, so my tardiness actually let me dodge a bullet.

For the remaining time of my jury duty, I remembered to call in. Each time, I was told that I didn't need to show up since there was no trial going on. Each time, that is, until May 15, the last day of my jury term. I ended up having to show up on the last day, since there was a trial scheduled. After 8 hours of jury selection, I found myself sitting in the jury box, selected to be a juror for a three day trial. I'll skip the details of the trial since it probably isn't appropriate to share. While jury duty probably wasn't the favorite thing I ever did, I do have to say that it was interesting to see how the whole process worked. Also, missing four straight days of work wasn't too bad either.

Skipping ahead in May, over Memorial Weekend, Jamie and I went up north to her grandparents cabin with her family. As Jamie mentioned on her blog, we spent part of Saturday taking photos of her pregnant belly. You can see a sample of the pictures here.

But mostly, the weekend was spent just relaxing. So, it was definitely a good weekend

Here's a few pictures from the weekend.

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