Sunday, August 11, 2013

Changing of the Banners

This will be the last post that I will be writing on Discovering the Focal Point. But don't worry. I'm not quitting the blogging world; I'm merely switching my blog to a new banner.

When I started Discovering the Focal Point, I meant for it to be primarily about photography. I hoped it would be a venue for me to display my photography and for me to give photographic tips and tricks. However, I feel that my blog naturally progressed somewhat away from that original goal. Although it has been a way for me to share photographs, it strayed away from photographic tips, tricks, and assignments and became more of a way to simply document life. And you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. As such, I no longer feel that the banner of Discovering the Focal Point fits the current and future direction I intend for this blog.

So going forward, I will be blogging under a new banner: Life on the Peninsulas. You can go to it now by going to For those who have been following this current blog, you will find this new blog will be very similar. I will continue to write about my adventures and display the photographs I take along the way. However, I do have a few new things in mind for this next blog, and I also think that this new banner is more consistent with a few other things I've got in the mix. You'll have to check in on the new blog in the next month to find out what.

I hope you all continue to follow along as I share about Life on the Peninsulas.

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